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IREX – a member of SolarBK Group, was founded in 2012, has inherited the foundation of 45 years of research and development. Until now, IREX becomes one of the leading solar power solution providers in both domestic and global markets. Besides, IREX owns the factory with capacity up to 350 MWp and 100% automated machinery (solar cell and module). International-standard laboratory and 200 staffs serve in researching new technologies.



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Why us

1975: A group of experts from Thai Nguyen University of Engineering and Hanoi University of Technology started researching on renewable energy lead by Mr. Nguyen Huu Hung.

2006: The SolarBK Solar Energy Investment and Development Co., Ltd. – The parent company of IREX Energy Corporation was officially established to release the laboratory products into the market.

IREX has a factory with fully automated production line meeting the high quality standards. This allows to produce products appropriate to all demands, bringing the best experience to customers.

IREX has concentratively invested in research & development. Thus, we always satisfy the highest demands for standards, quality in both domestic and globals markets. In terms of technology, we actively research the latest technologies, techniques to apply it into local environmental conditions at every installation areas to enhance the quality of solution. Therefore, IREX is proud to be a Vietnamese enterprise that has successfully applied the new technologies in producing, such as Multi-busbar, PERC, Anti-PID, etc.

Currently, the number of personnel in IREX is up to 200, including: 25% office staff, 75% factory staff. In terms of professional qualifications: 48% have a university/college degree, 48% have a professional certificate. At IREX, 16 hours a month is the average amount of staff training time each person receive to upgrade their professional competence as well as their management skills. Besides, growth rate of human resource over the years: 16%

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