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IREX was established in 2012 and inherited the foundation of 45 years of research and development. Until now, IREX becomes one of the leading Vietnamese companies to provide integrated solar power solutions to both domestic and foreign markets.
Besides, IREX owns the factory with a capacity of 350 MWp and a 100% automated production line; an international-standard laboratory and experienced staff serve in researching new technologies.


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Why us

1975: A group of experts from Thai Nguyen University of Engineering and Hanoi University of Technology started researching on renewable energy led by Mr. Nguyen Huu Hung.

2006: The SolarBK Solar Energy Investment and Development Co., Ltd. – The parent company of IREX Energy Corporation was officially established to release the laboratory products into the market.

IREX has a factory with fully automated production line meeting the high quality standards. This allows to produce products appropriate to all demands, bringing the best experience to customers.

IREX has concentratively invested in research & development. Thus, we always satisfy the highest demands for standards, quality in both domestic and globals markets. In terms of technology, we actively research the latest technologies, techniques to apply it into local environmental conditions at every installation areas to enhance the quality of solution. Therefore, IREX is proud to be a Vietnamese enterprise that has successfully applied the new technologies in producing, such as Multi-busbar, PERC, Anti-PID, etc.

Currently, the number of personnel in IREX is up to 200, including: 25% office staff, 75% factory staff. In terms of professional qualifications: 48% have a university/college degree, 48% have a professional certificate. At IREX, 16 hours a month is the average amount of staff training time each person receive to upgrade their professional competence as well as their management skills. Besides, growth rate of human resource over the years: 16%

User Classification

IREX offers various solutions according to each particular customer as well as their different demands and purposes.


With electricity pricing support policy from government, households can not only save cost, but they also can sell electricity as a long-term investment.

Through researches and surveys, IREX has conceived the standard BigK solar power solution. This is a solution for households which is divided into three flexible packages depending on…


Business customers who use IREX’s solar power solution can save significant operating costs per month in comparison with previous time.

In addition to financial factor, this solution is also a way for enterprises to build positive brand image, with the orientation of becoming “green”, environment-friendly and community-responsible enterprises.

Solar Farm

This is considered as an attractive investment for investors who are sufficient in term of capital and land once the official electricity sales policy becomes valid in June 2017.

With the advantage of owning a large-capacity plant in Vietnam, IREX is able to ensure our capacity in providing international quality standards solar panels.


The solar power system converts Direct Current (DC) electricity into Alternating Current (AC) electricity via the inverter. It is also able to synchronize to interface with utility line, in preference to use solar power source for appliances.

Advantages: Low installation and maintenance cost due to battery-free system. Besides, it will automatically cut off power when grid power is down for the sake of safety. it is also easy to upgrade and expand the system. Last but not least, the lifespan is long (up to 25 years).

Similar to the grid-tie solution but has backup batteries. This solution also prioritizes using clean power over grid electricity. The solution has the advantage of significantly cutting back on electricity expenses, contributing to protecting the environment.

In addition, the system also satisfies the 24/24 usage needs, independent of the grid power. Users can still use electric equipment even when there is a power cut by using the power from backup batteries (has been prioritized to charge by solar power). The battery capacity needed is proportionate to load demand.

This is the solution using solar power in combination with back up batteries, not connected to the grid. The backup power will be converted to AC for appliances thanks to the inverter. This solution has the advantage of not being dependent on the grid.

The system is designed by module-based, easy to upgrade to higher capacity. The battery voltage is configurable: 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V. More than that, the solution is protected over surcharge, overload, inversion, etc. The inverter is fully automated and able to monitor by using monitoring screen. Also, there is an alert system when accidents occurred.

PV-Genset system is the combination of diesel generator sets and photovoltaic technology. It’s for remote areas or areas with unstable public electricity grids. The system can use solar power during the daytime and is supported by the generator in the nighttime.

Bringing the two power generation systems together has become economically beneficial for the areas that do not have an electricity grid. Also, the environmental pollution due to using diesel generators is greatly reduced.

The power consumption of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS) is a significant operating cost for any telecommunications service provider. The system supplies power for mobile broadcasting in telecommunications (BTS) and can use a combination of solar energy, wind energy, grid power, generators, or from various locally available sources. IREX has successfully implemented projects to install BTS stations in Thanh Hoa, Myanmar… BTS solution is flexible and convenient, usually in 2 formats, outdoor and indoor.

About the outdoor format, all equipment is installed directly outdoor and designed in a modular form. Thus, the outdoor form is easy to set up, has good adaptability to the environment and reduces investment costs. This system can work without the station or storage. About the indoor format, it is designed to integrate all devices in one station, which can be well managed and ensure safety

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