IREX factory's overview

VIdeo Production Chain

Production line:

Information about IREX’s solar power plant:

• Total operating capacity: 350 MW/year

• Acreage: 3.5 hectares

a. PV Production Area: 2.5 hectares

b. Solarcell production area: 1 hectares

• 100% automatic solarcell production line

• System built to meet international standards such as TUV, UL, SCA, ISO.

System Operation:

Applying Vietnam and Global standards to production:

• Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008

• National standard TCVN in designing and manufacturing control equipment, electrical equipment and safety equipment. In particular:

1. TCVN 7447: 2004: Low voltage electrical installation system.

2. TCXDVN 319: 2004: Installation of ground connection system for equipment in industrial projects – General requirements.

3. TCXDVN 394: 2007: Design and installation of electrical equipment in construction works – Electrical Safety Section.

4. TCXDVN 263: 2002: Installation of cables and wires for industrial works.

• TUV Rheinland International standard

1. IEC 60904-1:1987, Photovoltaic devices – Part 1: Measurements of photovoltaic current-voltage characteristics.

2. IEC 60904-2:1989, Photovoltaic devices – Part 2: Requirements for reference solar cells.

3. IEC 60904-3:1989, Photovoltaic devices – Part 3: Measurement principles for terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) solar devices with reference spectral irradiance

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Production Chain



IREX has concentratively invested in research & development. Thus, we always satisfy the highest demands for standards, quality in both domestic and globals markets. In terms of technology, we actively research the latest technologies, techniques to apply it into local environmental conditions at every installation areas to enhance the quality of solution. Therefore, IREX is proud to be a Vietnamese enterprise that has successfully applied the new technologies in producing, such as Multi-busbar, PERC, Anti-PID, etc.

In addition, R&D has also succeeded in researching on the change of internal and external structure of Solar cell, such as increasing Solar cell technology from 3,4 to 5 busbar. Besides, Successful researching and application of the new technology also helps to counteract the diffusion of electrons and increase the energy conversion efficiency of the IREX solar panels by approximately 3% to reach 20% compared with Mono-Crystalline Silicon Battery Series.

In terms of solution, we researched to apply the globalization technology trends: Internet of Thing (IoTs), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to IREX’s solar power solution. Moreover, IREX has flexibly developed the solutions which are intergrated with advanced technologies satisfying the unique need of each customer. From success on researching and developing Belink controllers, a smart device used for collecting data from solar systems, our R&D team has upgraded it to SSOC™ that allows customers monitor and control online energy systems. Apart from that, SSOC™ can be customized to fulfill particular needs of customers. This is a special feature thanks to the full control of technology of IREX.

Human Resource

IREX Factory's Staffs

IREX Factory's Staffs

IREX Factory's Staffs

Solar Squad

Currently, the number of personnel in IREX is up to 200, including: 25% office staff, 75% factory staff. In terms of professional qualifications: 48% have a university/college degree, 48% have a professional certificate. At IREX, 16 hours a month is the average amount of staff training time each person receive to upgrade their professional competence as well as their management skills. Besides, growth rate of human resource over the years: 16%