Truong Sa
System size
800 kWp
Estimated Annual Production
1860 MWh/ year

One of the national key projects invested by the High Command of Navy and Petro Vietnam – Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation. SolarBK is the official contractor from the implementation stage to installation, training and technology transfer.

Implementation period: 2008 – 2010 and ongoing maintenance, upgraded annually.

Solution: A large-scale wind and solar energy hybrid system, which:

Includes more than 5700 solar panels + 130 wind turbines + 60 searching lights + 1000 LEDs

Generates 155 MWh/month

Saves oil consumption of 774.000L/year

Reduces CO2 emission of 2,300 tons/year.

The project has helped to ensure national security and improve the living conditions for people and soldiers on the islands. The project also received the honor of “Global Energy Award 2012”.