Press Release


On 03 June 2019, in Shanghai, China, IREX Energy Joint Stock Company (a member of SolarBK Holding) attends the International Exhibition on Solar Energy SNEC PV Power taking place in China, at booth E2-635. This event gathers more than 2,000 enterprises in the renewable energy industry and more than 260,000 visitors.

Following the two successful international exhibitions, SNEC marks the 3rd international participation of IREX this year. This is also the first time IREX attended this playground, after recognizing the exhibition gathers many large enterprises from China, Germany, America, and India, who are leading markets in solar power. Therefore, becoming an important link in the supply chain of these partners help IREX better know the indigenous culture’s requirements, the professional work procedure and aim to penetrate into major markets under the IREX brand name in the near future. This mainly is IREX’s objective to become the first Vietnamese enterprise gaining Tier 1 from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

In term of production scale and national brand, there still exists a significant gap between IREX and other competitors in the global market. Therefore, the company indirectly dives deep into the niche market segment instead of competing against other big companies, which requires a specialized design for every specific project aligned with guaranteed quality. Up to now, IREX has successfully cooperated with different partners based on mutual trust and the customized solar panels owing to customers’ demand, which meets the guarantee.

Besides, IREX also imports Double Glass Machine system to create a 2-side mirror meeting customers’ individual requests, which is one of the latest production lines in the world.

To export to the international market, particularly the picky markets such as Europe or the USA, IREX has to achieve the standards certified by reputable international organizations such as UL, TUV. Along with quality certification, IREX also achieved ISO 14001: 2015 certification for Environmental Management Systems in producing activities, selling Solar panels and Solar water heater. ISO 14001:2015 Certificate provides a strict standard to ensure the company’s commitment to environmental problems: Decreasing harmful effects on the environment and providing evidence about continuously improving in managing the environment.

Besides commercial activities, IREX’s continuous attendance at big events not only affirms the Vietnamese brand value in the worldwide market but also strengthens the trust from customers of the “ Made in Vietnam”  renewable energy solution.

During the time, SolarBK signed an agreement with Northern Power Service Company (NPSC) to co-develop the “Made in Vietnam” solar power brand named BigK. According to estimates, in Vietnam 24,000 roofs can install solar power; showing the potential market is huge. In the past, because of some factors of policy, labor, and technology, it was evaluated that Vietnam solar market runs behind other markets especially Europe’s for 10-50 years. Thus, since solar power is rapidly growing in Vietnam, most of the Vietnamese enterprises face such tough competition from foreign competitors due to the lack of deep investment in the past.

Consequently, this development perspective needs to change, as the whole world has recognized clean energy as the future energy trend and Vietnam is evaluated a country having geography and climate strengths, developing policies as well in this field. The initiate of enterprises like IREX is just the first step, there needs to be more mutuality among Vietnamese enterprises, to cooperate in technology and production, to step by step bring Vietnam to become the leading brand in the field of solar power.

Talking about attending SNEC, Pham Thi Thu Trang – Operations Director of IREX said: “China remains being known as the world’s solar power market. Here, we have the chance to contact with big partners, more opportunities for IREX to expand markets to other zones. Besides, we have built a Chinese sales team, who have many experienced years in solar power, consult to customers about the “Made in Vietnam” IREX cell’s features and quality. In terms of strategy, IREX is showing the world that, along with China, Vietnam will be the next remarkable name that partners must consider in the near future. The International context is supporting Vietnam, the remaining problem is Vietnamese companies themselves need to have long-term solar power strategy. In fact, if seriously invested, opportunities for Vietnamese businesses are not small. IREX also met a lot of partners who switched to support Vietnam after many times troubling with policies, taxes as well as quality issues when working with China’s.”

The IREX’s development cements the truth in SolarBK’s products and solutions in the context that Vietnamese solar electricity increasingly becomes more attractive under the impact of the excessive complete power selling and the electricity rising price.


Inheriting research result along with financial, technological, the human resource supports from SolarBK, IREX energy joint stock company is officially founded in 2012 with a purpose to be the world’s top clean energy manufacturer.

From the beginning, IREX focused on building up the manufacturing process and training employees based on international standard. Products by IREX accomplished international certifications, satisfied domestic as well as the global market and be explored to America, Tunisia, Turkey, and European countries.

In anticipation of the second quarter of 2018, “High-tech renewable energy manufacturing complex” together with 100% automatic chain will be operated. The project includes 2 categories: Renewable energy factory and renewable energy R&D center. From 2014, IREX attended 5 Intersolar (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) and 2 Solar Power International exhibitions (SPI), the biggest clean energy exhibition in North America (2017 & 2018) as the only Vietnam clean energy company reached the global market.


SolarBK, founded in 2006 with the support from over 40 research years of professors, researchers from University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City, has become the leading R&D company offering products and solutions for renewable energy in Vietnam (solar energy and wind energy). Products supplied by SolarBK complete international standard and certifications, meet domestic as well as global demand, is exported to America, Tunisia, Turkey, and many European countries.

With perpetual effort and development, SolarBK has generated many subsidiaries in charge of each specific field of clean energy study. Meanwhile, IREX joint stock company is a clean energy manufacturer. Solar ESCO joint stock company offers business complete clean energy solution. Solar Gate company distributes clean energy equipment, apps, full solutions to household consumers.

SolarBK Holdings has demonstrated its potential through many national projects such as lighting system on Truong Sa islands ( won Global Energy 2012), seawater filter run by clean energy on Song Tu Tay island ( won Global Energy 2016), etc.