Business customers who use IREX’s solar power solution can save significant monthly operating costs in comparison with previous time. Beside financial factors, the solution is also a way for enterprises to build positive brand image in the positioning of “green”, environmental-friendly and community responsibility enterprises.

With each demand, regional characteristics (terrain, climate, sunlight direction) and sunny area at the installation site, IREX will offer the most optimal solution for customer to ensure system durability as committed to them.

The enterprises with the medium demand for electricity and the relatively limited roofing area, they can choose solutions package from 2 kWp to 10 kWp, respectively with a roof area of 16-80 m2. This solution helps save operating costs up to 2.8 million per month.

Taking advantage of large area, unshielded by surrounding objects together with great demand, industrial zones and factories are considered as suitable objects for installation of solar power system. Based on the statistics conveyed from business’s location, IREX will optimize the solution to ensure system efficiency and durability. In addition to calculating the maximum output from the solar power system, IREX also estimates the coverage to help reduce the heat of the entire plant, saving more on air conditioner.

Moreover, the use of renewable energy also contributes to building a better brand image for business in the eye of their partner partners, customers as well as society. With lots of advantages, they easily build their truthfulness to become a link in the value chain of FDI corporations, which require high “Green” standards in production.

Schools, hospitals, government headquarter such as the People’s Committee, the Taxation Department, etc. are suitable places for solar power application.

In respond to the Government’s direction on saving energy and protecting environment, solar power is the perfect solution for leading businesses working in the construction industry to conceive their ideal model to educate and raise social awareness. In addition, this solution also helps save significant energy costs, contributing to the improvement of financial performance, and it also helps their business grow stronger.

“Green” real estate is a new trend that causes many attentions from various countries, including Vietnam. Today, as solar power is being defined as a future energy benchmark, the integration of IREX’s solution not only helps businesses save significant operating costs but also contributes to upgrading their brand name in their partners and customers eyes.

Meanwhile, this “green” solution is a favorable step for businesses to easily gain essential certificates in standard architecture such as Leed and Lotus Certificate, which will help to build a sustainable credibility in their future.

In order to produce additional renewable power for our country, Electricity Corporation (EVN) has adopted the development orientation of using solar power as a solution to ensure effective energy security.

In particular, islands and shoals – a strategic area for national security, is considered as a priority area for solar power development. inheriting technical foundation and deploying experience from SolarBK on 48 islands, DK1 offshore platform on Spratly Islands and other islands, IREX offers a uniquely designed solar power solution for this subdomain, along with thorough and periodic maintenance policy.

High power-consumption industries with relatively large installation areas can use solar power as an efficient energy-saving solution while offering “green” imagery, environment-friendly for their brand name.

We are different


  • Product quality is of international standards.
  • Integrate smart technology, remote monitoring 24/7
  • Technical research foundation of over 40 years.
  • Vietnamese engineer team has excellent expertise and knowledgeable about Vietnamese market.


  • Offer the best package solution based on regional data and business needs
  • Smart design, actively update the market trend.
  • Provide warranty, maintenance services promptly and conveniently.
  • Support brand communications with IREX
  • Elevate positive image of "Green" brand name to partners as well as community.
  • Allow customer to consume clean and environmental-friendly energy.


Precise survey and measurement is an important factor determining the quality of the solar power system (appropriate direction, appropriate angle, shade avoidance and heat-radiation guaranteed).

Therefore, IREX has utilized international technology equipment that allows instant installed position acquisition from data and visual simulation. Statistics is accurately calculated based on GPS.

After the survey, IREX will advise customer the best solution for their installation’s location as well as consumption demands to ensure the customers’ efficient savings.

After initial agreement on the solution, our technical team will base on the data to create the 3D frame simulation model according to its installation position to offer a specific solution based on actual estimated data posterior to project acceptance.

With the advantage of having its own solar panel plant for product meeting European and American standards, IREX is fully active in technology and production line. Therefore, we will ensure quick installation and smooth system operation.

With SolarBK’s remote control and monitoring (SSOC ™) solution, customer will be able to monitor power their consumption easily and adjust settings only by using their internet-connected device.

By properly standardizing in the first step, SolarBK is confidently committed to the provision, warranty and maintenance of solar power systems solution in a professional and prompt manner. SolarBK has a SolarSquad ™ which is an engineering team who is always ready to perform inspection and emergency maintenance.

Customer Testimonial

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son – Director of ICD Song Than

“Green logistics trend has been developing all over the world for years, and ICD customers increasingly appreciate environmental-friendly standards beside other benefit agreements. However, as a public service business, we have always wanted an integral solution that can both solve the economic and society-responsible problems.

On such basis, we found that SolarBK’s and IREX’s solar solutions could solve all of our problems. Especially, this solution also enhances the image of ICD as well as the additional value for our customer’s brand name when using our service, so that the products of customers are better than ever.

On the other hand, every cooperation must be built on the basis of mutual benefit. The SolarBK-IREX team has considered and made the appropriate agreements so both sides can expedite the deal within a month, and we hope the solar power model at the first logistics port will be completed on September 2nd, 2017, marking a new development not only of economic but social significance as well as our business philosophy supporting the environment. ”