Introduce the BigK solution to households

BigKilowatt is a package of an integral solar power system solutions. In addition to existing benefits of significant electricity consumption saving per month, the solution is also considered as an effective investment in the advent of the electricity sales policy of the government, which officially came into effect in June 2017.

Beside designing and conceiving solution, we also provide customers a full package of services, including nationwide product provision, frame; transportation and installation at a fixed cost. In addition, depending on regional characteristics, the frame will be reinforced and material-suitably made, ensuring its durability to be in accordance with the standards we committed to our customers.

IREX’s solar power solution is recognized as a movement toward smart energy use nowadays, helping people change their habits and concepts of electricity consumption, moving from technology dependence to technology experience.

List of solution

2,08 KWp
System capacity
8,32 KWh/day
Electricity Generation
Installed Area
3,12 KWp
System capacity
12,48 KWh/day
Electricity Generation
Installed Area
4,16 KWp
System capacity
16,64 KWh/day
Electricity Generation
Installed Area
5,20 KWp
System capacity
20,80 KWh/day
Electricity Generation
Installed Area
6,24 KWp
System capacity
24,96 KWh/day
Electricity Generation
Installed Area
7,28 KWp
System capacity
29,12 KWh/day
Electricity Generation
Installed Area
8,32 KWp
System capacity
33,28 KWh/day
Electricity Generation
Installed Area
9,36 KWp
System capacity
37,44 KWh/day
Electricity Generation
Installed Area
10,40 KWp
System capacity
41,60 KWh/day
Electricity Generation
Installed Area

We are different


  • Products' quality is of international standards.
  • Integrate smart technology, remote monitoring 24/7.
  • Technical research foundation of over 40 years.
  • Vietnamese engineer team has excellent expertise and knowledgeable about
  • Vietnamese market.


  • Reduce monthly electricity bill.
  • Smart design, on-demand and regional characteristic adaptation, actively update market trend.
  • Provide nationwide warranty, maintenance services with standardized quality.
  • Get supported in the procedure of electricity sales, provided accurate measurement tools.
  • Use renewable energy, environmental-friendly.


Precise survey and measurement is an important factor determining the quality of the solar power system (appropriate direction, appropriate angle, shade avoidance and heat-extraction guaranteed).

Therefore, IREX has utilized international technology equipment that allows instant installed location acquisition from data and visual simulation. Statistics is accurately calculated based on GPS.

After the survey, IREX will advise customer the best solution for their installation’s location as well as consumption demands to ensure the customers’ saving efficiency.

With the advantage of having its own solar panel plant for product meeting European and American standards, IREX is fully active in technology and production line. Therefore, we will ensure quick installation and smooth system operation.

With SolarBK’s remote control and monitoring (SSOC ™) solution, customer will be able to monitor power their consumption easily and adjust settings only by using internet-connected devices.

By properly standardizing in the first step, SolarBK is confidently committed to the provision, warranty and maintenance of solar power systems solution in a professional and prompt manner. SolarBK has a SolarSquad ™ which is an engineering team who is always ready to perform inspection and emergency maintenance.

Utility for Customers

You wonder about saving cost for your family or business? Your concern about the use of clean energy, yet have no idea where to begin? You want to check the genuine warranty period of SolarBK product you just bought? And evenmore, how to use SSOC? We will answer all the concerns throughout this “Utility for Customers”.

“PV Rooftop Capacity” and “Solar Water Heater Capacity” help you calculate the amount of power or hot water you consume. Veify your product’s authencity by choosing tab “Authenticity Verifier”, enter required product information to have the result within 2 minutes.

Do the same as above to the “Product Warranty Status”, we constantly update our product information to helps customers to look up whenever convenient. “SSOC” helps to access your Solar Water Heater management system anytime, anywhere. For specific needs and more details please directly contact us via: Hotline: 0902 798 091

Customer Information
Full Name:
Telephone Number:
Information Consulting
4,657,500 Vnđ
19 m2

Customer Testimonial

Ms. Nguyên Thị Ngọc Mai –Building Materials Trading, District 11, HCMC

Ever since I installed solar power, my electricity bill has decreased noticeably although I initially concerned about its effectiveness. After my family inquired and got IREX’s consult, I boldly installed it. Now, I find that for those who do business at home like us, solar power helps save a lot.

Mr. Nguyen Huy Duc – Mechanical Engineer, Can Tho Province

I am very satisfied with IREX’s PV Rooftop solution. I personally work in technical field so I highly appreciate the quality of the panels and the equipment associated with the solar power system. It is important that the panel and the inverter are of the correct quality as presented.

Mr. Truong Van Khoa – Office staff, Khanh Hoa Province

Recently my family decided to install solar panel because of suitable weather conditions in Nha Trang. Because it is a new installation, we don’t know its operating effectiveness but with the remote monitoring technology provided by SolarBK, I can track the system every day so I really trust it now. The service SolarBK offer by their staff makes us feel comfortable, from consulting solution to survey, installation and warranty, they are very professional and dedicated to customers.