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Beyond 2017’s target in just half a year – IREX’s time has arrived

At the meeting of the first half of the year and the second quarterly dialogue on 15/07/2017, Mr. Dong Van Sen – Operations Director of IREX Energy JSC said that this unit was officially completed. The revenue at this present exceeded 2017’s target only after half a year.

Despite the big goal of 2017, when it comes to 40% revenue growth over 2016, IREX has exceeded the expectations of both the management and the company at half past year. But it doesn’t stop there, IREX has set itself a bigger target with an expected growth of 484%, instead of 40% previously. Mr. Sen’s sharing made the audience not being surprised but excited about the result of the company.

Mr. Dong Van Sen shared his business orientation at the conference

Also in the framework of the conference, besides the first half year review and the dialogue around the working regime, compensation, welfare, etc., the program was also a chance for IREX to honor individuals and units of excellent work achievements. In addition, the management wanted the event to help all employees understanding the strategic direction coming from them, to improve the working spirit as well as to lift up IREX to new standards. Check out some highlights at the ceremony:

Many “Boom” contracts constantly landed on IREX

After the good news about the impressive growth, Mr. Sen continued announcing the worth-mentioning news about the business. Specifically, in the past 6 months, IREX successfully signed many big contracts for export production of PV cells, with a total capacity of over 20 MW, besides the orders for the domestic projects which is 1.3 MW.

Moreover, only for the month of July , there were partners offering to order contracts with up to 25MW. This is considered the largest contract ever. Not to mention, IREX also received many other contracts which are in the negotiation process, hence expected total production capacity will reach 80 MW. If it works out as expected, this is considered to be the most successful year of a newly founded five-year-old company in the marketplace.

With the expansion of the plant with a production capacity of up to 450 MW / year, the same 100% automatic transmission line, these contracts are believed to be only a small start for 6 month period in upcoming IREX.

Reward for the good production team

The convincing figures that IREX has shown up to this point may still remain in the plan without the collective efforts of all staff members. Therefore, the company rewarded individuals who show a high sense of responsibility and achieved an outstanding performance during their work. In addition, good production teams or company initiatives had also been recognized, for example, the initiative of Kaizen 5S from Mr. Dang Viet Anh not only saves raw materials but also creates a better performance in terms of usage features.

Mr. Sen gave awards to excellent employees and production teams

The whole team continue on the goal of development

In addition to Mr. Sen’s comments on the situation and business development strategy, the representative of Human Resources and Administration, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dao Thanh presented the satisfactory survey results of the May survey. Ms. Thanh answered the questions of most staffs about labor policy, compensation, etc. Accordingly, some of the comments have been acknowledged. And issued this month as a proposal to increase bonuses on holidays, Lunar New Year from 50-66.67% and increases the allowance for industrial meals up to 25%, which helps the staff’s mentality and peace of mind.

In addition, as most of the IREX staff surveyed during the first six months of the previous year were satisfied with their work and work conditions, also in terms of the development strategy of IREX company in particular and SolarBK Group in general. This is a very meaningful message for the entire board in the period that IREX is forced to sprint to take advantage of market opportunities, reap great results after years of trying.

REX Employee Satisfaction Survey Chart – Performed from May 15-17, 2017 with 78% of employees participating

Along with the solar power boom, IREX has prepared itself for the necessary steps to boost its expected production this year. Despite the accomplishment of revenue targets, the whole company is constantly striving to create a new feat for IREX. From the pedals on the reputation of producing internationally-recognized PV panels.

SolarBK PR team.