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The Conference was presided by Mr. Bjorn Koslowski, Representative of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam and Ms. Kerstin Maab, Representative of the “Energy Solutions Initiatives” of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.

In his opening speech, Mr. Bjorn Koslowski expressed his willingness to support to foster and develop photovoltaics in Vietnam with experiences and lessons that Federal Republic of Germany has acquired.

In order to give details for that expression, Ms. Sonia Lioret, Representative of the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), in her session about “Vietnamese-German Bilateral Cooperation on Renewable Energy”, brought up the energy situation, potential and outlook of solar energy in Vietnam.

Specifically, in the context that total installed power capacity in Vietnam is reported to reach 39,000 MW in 2015 and will be increased by 1.56 times equivalent to 60,000 MW in 2020. Until 2020, the target for renewable energy contributes 6.5% to the total capacity, in which biomas, wind and solar energy respectively account for 1%, 0.8% (800 MW equivalently) and 0.5% (850 MW equivalently). Also from the Renewables Targets for 2020, 2025 and 2030 statistics table, the contribution proportion of solar energy will be the highest at 3.3% equivalent to 12,000 MW in 2030.

Ms. Sonia Lioret, Representative of the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) – Image: SolarBK

In terms of potential, Ms. Sonia stated that Vietnamese geographical condition is beneficial with 1,600 – 2,700 sunlight hours/year and average direct normal irradiation at 4 -5 kWh/m2, comparable to Thailand, Philippines, Spain and Italy.

Ms. Sonia also pointed out that, the solar PV market in Vietnam is at early stage. Currently, approximately 6 – 7 MWp of solar PV capacity has been installed, potential might be 2 – 5 GW for residential and commercial rooftops and 20 GW for PV solar plants. Status quo of the domestic market:

  • Only a few manufacturers (mainly PV module), including IREX/ Solar BK.
  • Exporting mainly components (80 – 90%)
  • Very little EPC and installer expertise
  • Variety of non-commercial R&D and consulting institutions.

Therefore, in order to play in the domestic market alone, Vietnamese enterprises need a lot of preparation in which, R&D commercialization together with Input controlling, play a crucial role.

As one of only 2 Vietnamese companies to give a speech at the conference, SolarBK has proved our competency to other international corporates. According to Ms. Nguyen Thuy Ngan, PR Manager of SolarBK, Vietnamese enterprises should think and do differently to create core values. At the present, Vietnamese enterprises only play an outsourcing role but haven’t created the value chain yet. The nearly entire import would lead to passive operation and high increase in investment cost. Furthermore, SolarBK is well known the pioneer in being proactive to manage Input and technology.

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Ngan, PR Manager of SolarBK – Image: SolarBK

Solar BK has our own IREX factory that manufactures from solar cells to solar panels at international standards, which have been exported to USA and European market. Besides, with more than 40 years of experience in R&D from Bach Khoa University, SolarBK offers SSOC (Solar System Operation Center), enabling users to manage the system smartly and conveniently.

Conference participants expressed their interest and amazement with SolarBK’s capability. Moreover, SolarBK is looking for partners for the first phase in Solar Farm Project at 4.4 MW capacity in Da Nang.

The fact that a Vietnamese company like SolarBK has the competency to be proactive from controlling materials to consulting, designing, implementing, managing and transferring PV projects has more than once impressed international investors, following last time at InterSolar in July 2016 in San Francisco, USA when SolarBK introduced the business model “From cells to a turn-key solution”.

SolarBK PR team.