Press Release


At the SPI (Solar Power International) Event, IREX Energy JSC. – A member of Bach Khoa Solar Energy Group (SolarBK) – is the only company to represent Vietnam to attend this event of international stature, together with leading equipment and technology providers from all over the world.

IREX is also the only unit to provide COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTIONS on solar power at this largest international exhibition in North America. With a vision to provide an optimum, smart, comprehensive and convenient solution, “One Stop Shop”- the name of Solar Power solution package which is being highly appreciated and long awaited in this event so as to bring Vietnam renewable energy to customers.

Participating in SPI – the largest renewable energy event on the planet

SPI (Solar Power International) is a solar power exhibition of the largest scale in North America, taking place at Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas City, Nevada State. This exhibition shall last for 4 days, from 10th September to 13th September 2017. There will be participants of over 18,000 members, 650 businesses from 80 countries. This is considered a worthy investment for IREX to accumulate international experience, from learning from competitors in the same field to connecting customers and expanding global market.

To facilitate visitors, the exhibit will be divided into specific areas, according to each business area such as solar cell panel, inverter, sub equipment, area displaying supervision system, area displaying system installation and construction, so on. As the only provider of comprehensive solutions, IREX stall is ideally positioned in the central area in accordance with the exhibit’s intention. This will be an advantage for the company to connect with more partners.

Strategy to put the IREX brand on the world stage

The first steps

This is not the first time that the name IREX goes abroad. From 2014 to 2016, IREX kept inscribing its name in Inter Solar exhibitions – The largest solar exhibition in Europe. For the first time in 2014, IREX completed the procedure of delivering IREX solar panel order to customers in Tunisia – one of the countries in North Africa. This order marked a powerful development step for IREX to reach out to the world market.

In order to obtain export orders, IREX has developed a professional production procedure and quality control so as to meet the international quality standards issued by TUV Rheinland and UL, which are some of the most prestigious certificate provider for European and American markets.

IREX solar panel has been exported to many countries around the world such as the Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey and especially the US market … and received high appreciation for efficiency as well as quality from consumers.

After many successful years of providing quality panels, IREX has developed its business to provide solutions and has positioned its brand to a new height. The strength of R & D and implementation experience makes IREX fully self-reliant on equipment to technology. On which basis, we are able to become more flexible in designing solutions, customizing in accordance with the needs of each customer. From the experience of working with major partners, IREX understands the demand and the operating method in overseas markets, especially the US.

“One Stop Shop” – Vietnam clean energy package to welcome the world

Participating in SPI ‘s biggest energy event in 2017, our company has brought the “One Stop Shop” package. We are also the only company to offer solutions in SPI exhibitions, along with leading equipment and technology suppliers from other countries.

“One Stop Shop” brings customers a comprehensive solar power solution, from surveying, designing, supplying standard quality battery panel to intelligent monitoring system SSOCTM, which meets the diverse needs of customers while still ensuring the cost and quality according to international standards.

With the “One Stop Shop” solution, IREX has proven itself to be fully self-reliant on its ability in supplying panel to the automated monitoring technology, on the basis of Internet of Things (IoTs), as well as post-sale services in the world’s toughest market

Confidence in Vietnam renewable energy industry

In addition to our need of finding partners and expanding the market, paying attention to an international event also helps IREX, as well as Vietnam’s renewable energy industry, learn more professional experience and keep up with the world’s development.

Mr. Dong Van Sen – Operation Director of IREX said: “When IREX first came out onto the world, foreign partners were often quite surprised to see the country like Vietnam appearing at events specializing in the field of solar power in the world. After such events, IREX has proved to international friends that Vietnamese engineers has high expertise and always ready to integrate and compete in the entire world.

In the future, renewable energy will be the leading electricity source for human life around the world.”I believe that with the introduction of IREX’s integration, the renewable energy industry in the World will welcome other names of” Vietnam “, bring the Vietnamese solar power industry to miraculous development meeting the expectation of IREX, SolarBK in particular and the nation in general. “

A visitor to IREX booth shared his thought:

Mr. Alex Tabibi said: “Actually I have know about IREX thanks to the previous exhibitions. You have been building your reputation for providing the solar panels that meet the quality standards as your commitment at a reasonable price. Therefore, when you introduce One Stop Shop solution at SPI this year, I completely trust in the possibility as well as the compatibility of it being implemented at the USA market. To me, you have broaden my knowledge about excuting, installing at island sites. When Nguyen telling me about the process of installing at 50 islets of Spratly islands, I really admired your professional working style and your whole-hearted attitude. You have inspired me to visiting your beautiful country. I will definitely travel to Vietnam someday!”

SolarBK Group Information:

SolarBK was founded in 2006 with 40 years of experience in researching conducted by Professors and PhDs from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, being one of the companies specializing in research and development of renewable energy products and solutions in Vietnam.

With our effort and continuous development so far, the group has established many partner company specialized in the field of renewable energy. IREX Energy Joint Stock Company (JSC) plays the role of providing solutions and products on solar power. Solar ESCO JSC specializes in supplying comprehensive energy solutions to businesses. Central Vietnam SolarBK company directly implements solutions and implementation of renewable energy projects in the central region.

The company’s project implementation capacity is demonstrated by large national projects such as the Lighting System on Truong Sa Island (Global Energy Prize 2012), Seawater filtration system integrating solar power on the Son Tu Tay Island (Global Energy Prize 2016),…

IREX Energy JSCI information:

IREX Energy JSC was founded in 2012, a member of SolarBK company. Positioning its global strategy, IREX has focused on standardizing production processes right from the start and focus on R & D.

IREX is one of the few Vietnamese companies to invest in solarcell production factory. The 100% automated solarcell production process meets with the international standard, which was built in accordance with TUV, UL, CSA, ISO standards. The plant has a total capacity of 800 MW per year, amongst which, the PV production capacity is 500 MWp, the capacity of producing photo-voltaic cells is 300 MWp.

In addition to exporting solar cells, IREX is also highly appreciated throughout domestic and foreign projects. Some of the projects have been carried out in the US such as grid-connected solar power systems for households– San Diego Ca. 92129, – Poway California, Electric supply for home – Alpine Ca 91901, and so on