Press Release


On December 3, 2017; an association named VN Our Natures will hold an Opening Ceremony for the Hero House – a nature reserve at Nui Chua national park (Nui Chua NP) – Ninh Thuan. At the ceremony, Bach Khoa Investment and Development of Solar Energy (SolarBK) will officially hand over the 2,08 kWp solar power system, a meaningful gift on funding purpose, to Nui Chua NP. It will play a part in protecting the sea turtles, conserving the wild animals as well as promoting love for nature inside young children.

Hero House’s overview

The solar power system was installed within 6 days (delivery time is not included) and officially completed on November 18, 2017. The location is on top of the mountain in Ninh Thuan, away from the residential area so there is neither available internet network nor power grid. Therefore, SolarBK decided on implementing the off-grid solution. In the daytime, solar power will be generated and used to charge the solar batteries if there is no electricity consumption. The amount of electricity needed for Hero House was carefully calculated and guaranteed. This is mainly to contribute towards protecting sea turtles, especially in their laying period.

Hero House Exterior

Each year, the solar power system generates approximately 3,037 kWh and reduces over 2 tons of CO2 emission. With this system, reserving wild animals becomes easier and more convenient. Also, positive messages of protecting the environment are widely spread, accomplishing the mission to popularize renewable energy in daily life that SolarBK has long been undertaking.

Hero House Interior

Nui Chua NP is one of the breeding areas of high-risk sea turtles populating along the coastline of Vietnam. The seashores of Nui Chua NPH; including Bai Hom, Bai Thit; are ones of the few sea turtle nesting sites left of the local area as well as worldwide.

Before building the nature reserve, protecting sea turtles in their laying period was quite difficult due to the lack of public utilities and the volunteers are preferred to be in fair physical condition. For this reason, the opening of Hero House not only serves as an important checkpoint for protecting sea turtles but also opens numerous opportunities for the children to explore deeper into the marine creatures. This nurtures a love for the environment in them thanks to the meaningful and thorough activities.

The 2,08-kWp solar power system of  Hero House 

Speaking of the progress of installing this solar power system, Mr.Chuong Duy Dao – representative of SolarBK said: “To go to the installation area, our team had to cross a path of over 7 km through the forest. Materials transportation had to be divided into 2 phases to ensure that all the devices are carried to the destination. In spite of the considerable hardship, we were all happy to be a part of this, putting effort into protecting the environment. On December 3, the system will be handed over to VN Our Natures. This association will send volunteers to cooperate with the executive boards of Nui Chua NP to take care of the property of the nature reserve.


About VN Our Natures:

The members are parents who want their offspring to spend time in nature, being closer to the environment and somehow growing love for Mother Earth.

The programmes of this association are all designed for children by their parents themselves. Hence, all demands and interests of the participants are well taken care of. The aim of all activities is to encourage every child to express their true feelings, to share what they have and to become more humane.

About Bach Khoa Investment and Development of Solar Energy (SolarBK):

SolarBK was founded in 2006 with 40 years of experience in researching conducted by Professors and PhDs from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, being one of the companies specializing in research and development of renewable energy products and solutions in Vietnam (solar power and wind power). All products provided by SolarBK meet international standards to satisfy the demand in domestic market and foreign markets such as the USA, Tunisia, Turkey and Europe.

With the mission to popularize renewable energy in daily life, SolarBK actively takes part in social activities like giving 50 solar power suitcases to families in the remote area of Lang Son province, participating in Earth Hour, sponsoring VNUHCM Branch in Ben Tre with 3 kWp solar power system. Most recently, SolarBK has built Solar Experience Space at HCM City University of Technology, allowing students to do research, discuss and exchange information about renewable energy.