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SolarBK extends the list of solar system implemented on islands with Bé island project

On May 9th, 2017, SolarBK officially signed a cooperation agreement with the Central Rural Electric Project Management Board, providing a 96kWp solar power solution to An Binh Island Commune, Ly Son district , Quang Ngai province.

With this project, SolarBK once again marked its foot in the island communes, coming closer to the goal of covering solar power all over Vietnam.

Bé island will be more active on power

Bé is a small island district of Quang Ngai province with an area of only 0.69km2, the current population of over 400 people belonging to more than 100 households living by fishing and growing garlic and onions. Last year, before Dinh Dau 2017, residents here are only provided 12 hours a day by a project consists of two sets of diesel generator with capacity of 110kVA per machine and control system implemented by Quang Ngai Electricity. Therefore, with SolarBK’s solar power project, people will have more electricity to use during the day and improve their living conditions better.

In order to meet the demand of electric power for Bé Island, SolarBK has provided a solar power solution has total capacity is up to 96kWp. This solution includes 300 IREX solar panels, a 9600Ah battery and specialized bracket system for marine conditions.. With this solution, each year the system will generate about 166,257 kWh of electricity and reduce 92,67 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the environment.

Explain the occasion with this project, SolarBK’s representatives said, “Of the 4 participating contractors, SolarBK is the only one that can give a project execution time of just 70 days compared to 270-day as resquired by PMB. This solution has prompted them moving from surprise to worry about the construction assurance. After many times convinced by expertise and experience in deploying island projects, from surveying, arranging to calculating technical solutions. And each process has been considered by many professionals to be a comprehensive commitment to make the PMB believe in and accept the solution we offer. In addition, SolarBK also has a monitoring system named SSOC (Solar System Operation Center) that makes it easy for them to monitor solar power generated. This can combine with the power supply from the diezel deployed in Phase 1 to have better efficiency calcutlation, and to ensure the electricity supplied for An Binh island commune every day. ”

“Coast” with the islands of Vietnam

It can be said that lack of electricity is the majority reason why the life quality in island communes is still low. Lack of many things from infrastructure to living needs, even weather and climate, which is a big challenge for people who live in mainland. Therefore, if only because of work, SolarBK’s staff are probably easily knocked out by the harsh conditions here.

Looking back over the development of SolarBK, many people are impressed by the number of island projects that the company has deployed till now. In addition, there has been many projects that build SolarBK up, such as: The lighting project for Spratly Islands and DK1 platform (includes 48 islands), the Sea water desalination by clean energy in Song Tu Island. More over, SolarBK is also associated with the development of many other island communes includes Son Cha island (Thua Thien Hue province), Me island (Thanh Hoa), Tran island (Quang Ninh), etc. and recently Bé island (Quang Ngai).

Until today, clean energy projects implemented by alongside island provinces of Vietnam are still working well. This is the strong evidence of SolarBK’s prestige and enthusiasm. “After each successful project, what we missed most was the happy smiles of the islanders. Just shortly thereafter, Bé island will also have clean electricity, and that smile will continue to be replicated in the same footsteps of SolarBK, on the journey of bringing clean energy to life.”

SolarBK PR team.