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The Vietnam’s first green logistics center using solar power – Total capacity of 500 KWp

On May 8th 2017, Solar ESCO JSC. – A member of SolarBK and ICD Tân Cảng – Sóng Thần (ICD Sóng Thần) signed the contract of solar system leasing for ICD Sóng Thần Logistics Center in Thuan An, Binh Duong provice, with total capacity of 500.96 kWp.

This is the Vietnam’s first green logistics center using solar power, expected to completed on September 2017. The project is provided by the financial leasing model from SolarESCO – a member of SolarBK. Following this model, SolarESCO invest in solar power system, implemented by SolarBK, installed at ICD Song Than and supply clean electricity to this company for 12 years. Calculation shows that this project meets about 30% of the power demand for the whole center. In addition to the economic value demonstrated by the number, the solution also helps to reduce heat in offices and warehouses, reducing the amount of electricity loss, thereby saving even more money than before. This cooperation is considered as a stepping stone of the ICD Song Than in significantly improving the operation and enhancing the brand image in society.

The Vietnam’s first green logistics center using solar power

With long-term vision through this strategic plan, ICD Sóng Thần has become a pioneer in bringing clean electricity and green growth into the logistics industry in Vietnam. In fact, this solar-powered model not only provides economic efficiency but also contributes to environmental protection, helping to reduce CO2 emissions to 518.5 tonnes per year. Besides, “green” also contributes to the brand image of customers when joining this supply chain, especially the global brand, when the “green” is almost an “underground” standard that guarantees brand development. This shows that state-owned enterprise ICD Song Than has been very quick and determined in pursuing international standards for the industry.In this solar grid solution, SolarBK will provide 1,616 IREX solar panels with a total system capacity of 500.96 kWp. Accordingly, the total amount of electricity that the system will generate in the year is about 784,218 kWh / year. To supply stabe power for warehouse service, SolarBK has calculated carefully for the optimal solution thanks to its experience of implementing large projects before. All of daily electricity generated parameters will be monitored visually, specifically through the Solar System Operation Center (SSOC) the remote monitoring technology, which helps ICD Sóng Thần tracking easily and conviniently.

The solar power system will be installed in 4 months and expected to be completed in September, 2017. This project also opens up a more sustainable development trend for Vietnam logistics industry.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son, Director of ICD, said: “The trend of green logistics has developed globally for many years, and ICD Sóng Thần’s customers increasingly attach the environment friendly factors in addition to other benefit agreements. As a Defense-Economic enterprise, we always expect for a whole solution that can both solve economic and social responsibility issues. On that basis, we found that SolarBK had given tailored solution to those isuses. With a high consensus on objectives and actions, ICD Song along with SolarESCO, have made appropriate arrangements so that the two sides can expedite the signing within only 1 month. We expect this project will be completed on September 2nd, 2017, and mark a new significance development not only in economic but in society, associate business philosophy with the environment.”.

SolarBK PR team.